Crispin Leick

Customer focus and the willingness of the founders to give everything for their vision will fundamentally change the way we experience energy. Our challenge is to be a sparring partner for our companies and connecting them with the know-how of a corporate.

Crispin Leick, Managing Director

Holger Wagner

I am excited by the search for ideas and business models that will change industries and the close cooperation with high motivated founders.

Holger Wagner, Senior Investment Manager

Inga Müller

Energy fascinates me: how we generate it, how we use it and how it changes our everyday lives. My motivation is to find the ideas for the energy of tomorrow and to make them great together with people who think and work in new ways.

Inga Müller, Investment Manager

Theo Schulte

Innovations in the field of energy will transform the way we live as much as the Internet once did. My goal is to find unique ideas and support founders, who have the potential to drive that change.

Theo Schulte, Investment Analyst

Theo Schulte

Lukas Klima

Day in and day out we are dedicated to helping any founder team realise their full potential, regardless whether they are already a part of our portfolio or rather a long-shot investment opportunity. Discover our energy to fuel your growth!

Lukas Klima, Investment Analyst

Jennifer Diedrichs

I’m excited about the broad range of topics when thinking about how we will live, move, and interact tomorrow. Connected cities, homes, & vehicles envelope an impressive variety of technologies, problems, and start-ups working hard to solve them. I enjoy being part of that journey.

Jennifer Diedrichs, Investment Associate


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