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Backing ambitious founders with Corporate Venture Capital

Investing in startups enabling the infrastructure of the future

What we do

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We look for founders and start-up teams who are experts at what they do, with diverse experience and backgrounds. We support teams with strong execution skills.

We invest in European startups that make infrastructure digital and sustainable. With our €100 million evergreen setup we act as lead- or co-investor.

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  • Investment stage: Series A+
  • Ticket size: €1 to 10 million
  • Geography: Startups headquartered in Europe
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We are a single LP VC investor. Our corporate backer EnBW Group drives the energy and mobility transition by building, owning and operating secure and stable infrastructure, which includes

  • renewable generation & trading,
  • grid infrastructure,
  • and Germany’s largest fast-charging-infrastructure for electric cars.

EnBW does the asset investments and the infrastructure roll-out. We like the vision of an all-electric world and look for scaling business models that digitally enable a faster asset-roll-out driving the sustainable energy & mobility transformation.

Our current investment topics

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is not just a tool for transparency and accountability, but a valuable asset in driving business decisions. In the evolving landscape of corporate responsibility, we believe that startups that not only facilitate comprehensive sustainability reporting but also transform this data into actionable insights for daily business operations will be at the forefront. Harnessing these insights can lead to more sustainable practices, informed decision-making, and a competitive edge in the market.

Carbon Management

Carbon management is a critical component of the global effort to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Given the pressing need to mitigate carbon footprints, we believe that startups offering digital solutions for carbon removal, especially those situated in close proximity to businesses, will flourish. We are on the lookout for startups with SaaS business models that facilitate effective and sustainable carbon management strategies.

Battery Solutions

Battery storages are an essential part of the energy transition enabling storage of renewable electricity. Due to the large battery infrastructure roll-out we believe that startups that make batteries more durable, efficient, and safe will thrive. We look for startups with SaaS business models enabling sustainable battery solutions.

Charging Solutions

We believe electric mobility will be the future and will go beyond cars. We look for startups that provide solutions and software to make charging convenient and accessible to everyone.


We believe that critical infrastructure needs to be secure in order to be sustainable. We are looking for business models that improve the security level for their customers.


We're always looking for startups that are driving the energy and mobility transition. If your startup offers a digital solution that makes infrastructure more sustainable, get in touch!

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You are a match?

Our startups

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We’re proud to work with amazing founders and their startup teams in scaling their businesses from initial investment until the exit.

EnBW New Ventures is both, investor and partner for us. We particularly appreciate the longstanding, trusting relationship and the expertise that help us scale our business! ENV did a deep dive into our technology, understood our culture and brought in their experience to empower sustainable growth and streamline organizational structures. They challenge, motivate, and support us on every level.

Florian Haspinger, CEO Holo-Light

As Easelink we want to accelerate the shift to e-mobility with the automation of charging via Matrix Charging. We are excited that EnBW New Ventures shares our mission in realizing a tightly meshed and easy to use charging network for the scale-up of e-mobility. We very much value the supportive contribution of the highly professional and entrepreneurially minded team of ENV which is well backed by the profound competences of the EnBW Group.

Hermann Stockinger, CEO Easelink

Holger's deep knowledge of our industry, his calmness and prudence have been a valuable space of trust for us from the beginning. We have had exciting discussions, found excellent solutions and built a technologically leading company. Today's result for gridscale is largely due to Holger's personal commitment and EnBW New Ventures' (ENV) flexibility as an investor.

Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO gridscale

We're very pleased to have EnBW New Ventures as an investor. They continue to support us through our growth phases and each financing round and are a truly reliable partner.

Jürgen Mayerhofer, CEO enspired

I am impressed with EnBW New Ventures' financially driven setup and commitment to sustainability. Their approach to balancing financial success with building sustainable businesses sets them apart in the industry.

Stijn Jans, CEO Intigriti






fund investments

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3YOURMIND provides software solutions for agile manufacturing, enabling companies to use 3D printing processes in their industrial production and supply chains.


babelforce automates processes in call centers. Through the simple integration of existing systems, customer inquiries can be processed more cost-effectively, more quickly, and in a more targeted manner.


Cleverciti digitizes parking lots. The smart parking end-to-end product provides parking data in real time for parking operators and guides every customer quickly to the free parking space.


CYCLE rents fleets of e-bikes and manages their service for large-scale customers as a full-service-mobility subscription.


Deepomatic automates quality control and reporting of field services by analyzing the technician's footage through an AI-based platform.


Easelink facilitates the electric charging experience and automates the charging process with its Matrix Charging® technology.


enspired automates energy trading for decentralized power generation. This enables both small and big operators to trade their capacities on the intraday-market.

etf Partners

Founded in 2006, ETF Partners supports talented entrepreneurs and management teams with investment capital and experience.


Greenbird enables companies to capture, consolidate and further process data from a wide range of IT systems faster and more efficiently.


gridscale offers a software platform that provides flexible and secure cloud services and enables any company to market its own cloud services.


HOLO-LIGHT's augmented reality software enables engineers to collaboratively create and accurately edit 3D models.


Intigriti has created a global cybersecurity platform that connects corporate customers with over 50.000 ethical hackers.


Theva produces high-temperature superconductors for the high-performance electricity-based applications of the future.


Artificial intelligence for better roads. vialytics provides digital road data so that communities and municipalities can make the best use of road maintenance budgets.








Vivacity reduces traffic accidents and emissions in cities. Its sensors collect detailed and anonymous data on transport modes, traffic flows and travel patterns, and analyses this data using to make strategic decisions about optimising the transport network and improving urban infrastructure.


Volytica provides an intelligent cloud-based independent battery analytics platform to analyze the battery condition and simulate the performance behavior in the future without additional hardware. Furthermore, the platform enables the simulation of the application in different operating modes.


Sunhat offers companies a flexible platform to map the multitude of sustainability requirements, manage associated projects, and fulfill necessary tasks. Sunhat focuses on making the existing data dynamically usable for different needs, establishing the software solution as a crucial tool for users.

Blue dots: active portfolio; grey dots: exits

Our takes on Corporate Venture Capital and sustainable infrastructure

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Our news

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