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Unlocking the power of volytica's Series A

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Interviewer: In the fall of 2023, you raised a €5.5 million funding round. Why was this important for volytica?

Claudius: With the support of SHIFT Invest, EnBW New Ventures, TN Ventures, and the contribution of our existing shareholders Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) and Atlantic Labs, we are now able to leverage our fully developed battery monitoring solution and embark on the journey of sales, scale-out and growth.

This investment is critical as it not only validates the readiness of our solution, but also equips us to navigate the ever-evolving market landscape in the renewable energy sector. While our battery diagnostic is primed for success, we recognize that readiness is an ongoing journey as new markets emerge, requirements evolve, and battery technology continues to change. However, within this dynamic environment, our battery analyses remain stable and reliable. The focus now shifts to seizing the opportunity, using our readiness to drive expansion and secure our place in an ever-changing market.

Interviewer: What motivated EnBW New Ventures to invest in volytica?

Melanie: We see energy storage not just as a complement but as a central building block in the energy transition, and battery condition assessment helps asset owners and operators have clear and unbiased insights into the performance and health of battery assets. Furthermore, Volytica’s simulation tools adds another value of layer – these simulations can predict how batteries will perform under different scenarios. Having this information allows for more informed decisions regarding maintenance, the reusing of batteries, and options for recycling, contributing to more efficient use of battery systems. . This makes batteries longer-lasting and more reliable, and therefore, safer.

Interviewer: How does volytica perceive the current challenges in the battery market for stationary storage and electric commercial vehicles?

Melanie: With the battery being the most expensive degradable component of the energy and mobility transition, it's important to have a solution that helps make battery performance more reliable and extend battery life, avoiding CO2 emissions and reducing demand on critical natural resources. I believe that volytica is well prepared for the challenges ahead.

Interviewer: In the short to medium term, what are the key milestones or goals that volytica hopes to achieve with the funding?

Claudius: Firstly, we want to consolidate our position as a global leader in battery monitoring, leveraging our innovative algorithms for battery KPIs and our market expertise in e-mobility and stationary energy storage. We also intend to strengthen our existing partnerships with fleet management companies and telematics providers in the e-mobility sector.

The next step will be to partner with insurance companies and financial institutions, recognizing the potential synergies as a 'match made in heaven' for safe, sustainable, and efficient battery use. Amidst these ambitious goals, maintaining the spirit and motivation of our highly dedicated team remains a priority. Our aim is to create an environment where passion and innovation can thrive and drive us to unparalleled success.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for this conversation and keep up the good work!

Claudius & Melanie: Thank you!

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About Claudius Jehle

Claudius Jehle is the founder and CEO of volytica diagnostics GmbH, a company focused on easy, safe and independent battery quality and health assessment. Claudius studied Mechanical Engineering and System Identification at the TU Munich and TU Delft until 2012 and then led the research group Energy Storage Diagnostics and Telematics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI, Dresden from 2013 until the spin-out in 2019.

In addition to his role as CEO, Claudius gives lectures on battery basics and battery degradation, writes knowledge-based articles and gives speeches and presentations on the global topic of batteries, the value chains involved and the potentials around independent battery diagnostics.

About volyitca

volytica diagnostics GmbH is a Dresden-based software provider specializing in battery diagnostics for mobile and stationary energy storage systems. Their goal is to make the use of battery systems safer and more sustainable, driving value to the end user. Utilizing its innovative AI-based analysis software and collected field data, volytica provides a new level of transparency about the condition of batteries. Customers gain valuable insights into degradation, health status, anomalies, security risks, and charge state through this proprietary solution. These insights can either be integrated into customer-specific platforms or made available on volytica’s in-house dashboard. Additional features include concrete operational recommendations for optimal performance, proactive alarm notifications, and evaluations of the remaining lifespan for second-life concepts. For more information, visit: