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Interviewer: What is Cozero's mission?

Helen: Cozero’s mission is to facilitate the corporate sector's transformation towards a low-emission economy through effective decarbonization. Our carbon management platform helps businesses improve the quality of emission accounting, reduce the complexity of decarbonization, and create actionable pathways for achieving sustainability goals. This way, companies can transition toward a low-emission future with greener products and services while fostering economic success and competitive advantage.

Interviewer: What is your unique solution or competitive edge?

Helen: Cozero's competitive advantage is deeply rooted in our tailored approach to enterprise-scale emission reporting, particularly within the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Our platform also excels in handling the complexities of Scope 3 emissions, employing specialized methodologies that address the unique challenges faced by these industries. Additionally, we prioritize a comprehensive, end-to-end carbon management journey, focusing on effective decarbonization from the start rather than merely relying on offsetting. This strategic emphasis extends to integrating financial and climate data within the core business operations of our clients, enabling the creation and monitoring of relevant KPIs. Such integration ensures that enterprises can make informed, data-driven decisions supporting their environmental and business goals.

Interviewer: How will the investment help improve Cozero's business?

Helen: This investment will fuel Cozero's growth and support the ongoing development of our Climate ERP system. We're focusing on further enhancing our core modules: Log for precise emission tracking, Act for actionable decarbonization strategies, and Share for comprehensive reporting and stakeholder engagement.

With this funding, we'll deepen our platform's integration with enterprise-level infrastructures, aiming to simplify and automate the data collection process. Our roadmap includes advancing features like our Digital Twin for organizational mapping and emission allocation, along with expanding decarbonization features that blend financial and sustainability metrics, such as our Return On Climate Investment (ROCI) KPIs. We are also committed to staying ahead of evolving sustainability regulations like CBAM and CSRD to ensure our platform continues to support our customers' compliance needs.

Additionally, over the next 12 months, we will welcome 10-15 new team members across the tech, climate, sales, and customer success departments. This expansion will strengthen our team and allow us to innovate faster, driving growth and delivering enhanced value to our clients.

Interviewer: What are your employees most excited about?

Helen: At Cozero, the team is really driven by the impact they can make on the environment and the meaningful role they play in helping businesses transition to a low-emission future. One of the most exciting aspects of our work is the opportunity to meet real-world needs and collaborate with industry leaders like Maersk, Nippon Express, and DMG MORI.

Our team is energized about the tangible outcomes of our work. With Cozero, companies manage over 375 million tons of emissions on our platform, demonstrating the measurable results of their efforts. Employees take pride in knowing they are an integral part of Cozero and our mission which plays a role in driving significant emission reductions.

Beyond the numbers, our team is passionate about innovation. Cozero was built in co-creation with leading companies to understand their unique challenges and develop solutions that address those needs. Our collaborative culture fosters continuous learning and creativity, enabling our employees to stay ahead of industry trends and develop new tools to tackle emission management challenges or regulation complexities.

Interviewer: Where do you see the future of Cozero?

Helen: Cozero's ambition is to become the leading emission management partner for the logistics and manufacturing industries. These sectors face unique challenges in carbon accounting due to the complexity of their operations and the diversity of their supply chains. We aim to provide robust solutions that help companies meet these challenges while maintaining compliance with evolving environmental regulations.

Over the next few years, we plan to continue expanding our customer base, focusing on strategic partnerships and collaborations that enhance our ability to serve clients in logistics and manufacturing. Our platform is designed to help these industries streamline emissions management, comply with reporting requirements, and lead the way in sustainability efforts.

We strive to help logistics and manufacturing companies not only meet environmental regulations but also respond to growing customer and investor demands for carbon transparency. Through our solutions, we aim to support our clients in establishing leadership in emission reduction efforts, driving industry-wide progress towards a more sustainable future.

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About Helen Tacke

Helen Tacke is an Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Cozero. Helen studied Business Administration at the Universität Münster. In 2016 she graduated HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management with a master's in management. Before founding Cozero together with Fabian Schwarzer and Tiago Taveira, she worked as an Investor in the Venture Capital market herself. Now she's on a mission to transform the carbon management industry.

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About Cozero

Cozero is a leading provider of carbon management software for enterprises. Founded in Berlin in 2020 by Helen Tacke, Fabian Schwarzer, and Tiago Taveira, Cozero empowers enterprises to take control of their environmental footprint and decarbonization journey. Its Climate Action Platform (CAP) offers seamless tracking, reduction, and reporting capabilities for corporate and product emissions in one end-to-end SaaS solution. Cozero’s unique approach helps organizations in high-emission sectors align sustainability performance with financial management for comprehensive decision-making. Industry leaders like Maersk, Mammut, Nippon Express, Funke, Vodafone, and Rhenus Logistics are already steering toward responsible sustainability practices with Cozero.

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