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Interviewer: Can you tell us something about the new investment in Cozero? What specific aspects of Cozero piqued your interest and prompted you to invest?

Melanie Sustainability is no longer just about compliance with regulatory requirements; it has evolved into an integral part of companies’ operations, wielding a significant commercial impact. Our investment in Cozero was driven by the recognition of an urgent market demand for sophisticated carbon management. What sets Cozero apart is its platform, which does not just ensure compliance but also seamlessly aligns a company’s sustainability objectives with its commercial interest. That's why we think Cozero is a great fit for our portfolio and I'm looking forward to working with them.

Interviewer: And what vision or goals do you have for this partnership?

Melanie: Working with such a skilled and diligent team is something I am particularly looking forward to. Their passion and can-do attitude are crucial for the carbon management industry. After all, achieving the goal of a low-carbon economy will require a transformation of the business world. And for that transformation to happen, you need startups that are ready to tackle it - like Cozero.

Interviewer: What is the outlook for the carbon management industry?

Melanie Carbon management is becoming increasingly important as a result of political regulations for companies. But true sustainability requires more than mere compliance; it requires a strategy that evaluates environmental responsibilities alongside financial implications. Businesses must emphasize approaches that provide transparent understanding and empower them to make decisions that are both environmentally responsible and economically sound.

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Melanie Beyersdorf
Investment Manager