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Why did we invest in Intigriti

First, security in general and especially cybersecurity is a topic that I have been involved with for a very long time. This also means that I have actually been looking for suitable investment opportunities for ENV in this sector for a long time. My conviction in connection with security is that we can only realise sustainable solutions under a certain security aspect.

We have looked at many business models and start-ups. However, most of them were very narrow in the context of technological solutions. intigriti, as a quasi end-to-end that sources the intelligence from the crowd. This new approach what we find very exciting.

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What makes Intigriti special?

I was quite familiar with the concept of bug bounties as a vulnerability test. Integrity converts this approach towards a continuous vulnerability analysis in the form of a marketplace that brings together ethical hackers and corporate clients. This was new to me in this form. By this, I mean implementing the whole thing with data protection guidelines and KYC logics.