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#additivemanufacturing | #3Dprinting

3YOURMIND provides software solutions for agile manufacturing, enabling companies to use 3D printing processes in their industrial production and supply chains.


#carbonmanagement | #esg

Cozero equips enterprises with an end-to-end software solution for carbon management, helping sustainability stakeholders improve carbon accounting and decarbonize in the transportation and logistics and industrial manufacturing sectors.



DZ4 offers solar-as-a-service: a leasing model that includes the solar power system and battery storage and also provides an all-round carefree package.

ETF Partners


Founded in 2006, ETF Partners supports talented entrepreneurs and management teams with investment capital and experience.


#ARsoftware | #XRstreaming

HOLO-LIGHT's augmented reality software enables engineers to collaboratively create and accurately edit 3D models.


#cloudnative | #kubernetes

replex analyzes, optimizes, and visualizes the utilization of data centers and multi-cloud environments. IT infrastructures and cloud solutions can be displayed and allocated according to their source.


#roadmaintenance | #AI

Artificial intelligence for better roads. vialytics provides digital road data so that communities and municipalities can make the best use of road maintenance budgets.


#callcenter | #no-code-automation

babelforce automates processes in call centers. Through the simple integration of existing systems, customer inquiries can be processed more cost-effectively, more quickly, and in a more targeted manner.


#ebikes | #emobility

CYCLE rents fleets of e-bikes and manages their service for large-scale customers as a full-service-mobility subscription.


#EVcharging | #AutonomousCharging

Easelink facilitates the electric charging experience and automates the charging process with its Matrix Charging® technology.


#iPaaS | #EnterpriseArchitecture

Greenbird enables companies to capture, consolidate and further process data from a wide range of IT systems faster and more efficiently.


#cybersecurity | #bugbounty

Intigriti has created a global cybersecurity platform that connects corporate customers with over 50.000 ethical hackers.


#ESG | #ai

Sunhat offers companies a flexible platform to map the multitude of sustainability requirements, manage associated projects, and fulfill necessary tasks. Sunhat focuses on making the existing data dynamically usable for different needs, establishing the software solution as a crucial tool for users.


#smartcity | #ai

Vivacity reduces traffic accidents and emissions in cities. Its sensors collect detailed and anonymous data on transport modes, traffic flows and travel patterns, and analyses this data using to make strategic decisions about optimising the transport network and improving urban infrastructure.


#smartparking | #localguidance

Cleverciti digitizes parking lots. The smart parking end-to-end product provides parking data in real time for parking operators and guides every customer quickly to the free parking space.


#computervision | #fieldservices

Deepomatic automates quality control and reporting of field services by analyzing the technician's footage through an AI-based platform.


#trading-as-a-service | #renewables

enspired automates energy trading for decentralized power generation. This enables both small and big operators to trade their capacities on the intraday-market.



gridscale offers a software platform that provides flexible and secure cloud services and enables any company to market its own cloud services.



Lumenaza offers a marketplace for green electricity from decentralized assets of private households. In this community, renewable electricity can be marketed and shared locally.



Theva produces high-temperature superconductors for the high-performance electricity-based applications of the future.


#battery | #analytics

Volytica provides an intelligent cloud-based independent battery analytics platform to analyze the battery condition and simulate the performance behavior in the future without additional hardware. Furthermore, the platform enables the simulation of the application in different operating modes.