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Interviewer: Pascal, congratulations to your first investment at EnBW New Ventures! Why has ESG software become an investment topic for you?

Pascal: Firstly because of market potential and reporting obligations: The market potential for ESG reporting is enormous. Currently, 11,700 companies are subject to reporting obligations, with a significant number of indirectly affected suppliers and partners. It's inevitable that all companies will eventually be required to disclose their ESG data. As demands escalate, the necessity of a centralized system for accurate data transmission cannot be overstated.

Secondly, for companies like EnBW, their ESG rating is integral to their business model. It directly influences the conditions under which they can raise capital in the financial markets. Moreover, every entity in the value chain is implicated in this process; sales and orders can only be generated if they provide the requisite ESG data.

Furthermore, based on regulatory requirements, sustainability reporting will assume a similar importance to financial reporting in the future. This presents companies with major challenges, as the required sustainability data is often only available on a decentralized basis in individual data silos within the company. The solution is software solutions that enable the collection and use of ESG data.

Interviewer: Okay, I see the market potential and the EnBW use case. But why Sunhat? What is special about their solution?

Pascal: Sunhat offers companies a flexible platform to map the multitude of sustainability requirements, manage associated projects, and fulfill necessary tasks. Sunhat focuses on making the existing data dynamically usable for different needs, establishing the software solution as a crucial tool for users.

The unique thing about Sunhat is that you can use the added value of the data on an ongoing basis for ESG questionnaires or ESG ratings you need to answer at short notice. With each new question answered, the relevant data pool grows and forms the basis for complex ESG reports such as CSRD, which you can also answer as a by-product.

Interviewer: Interesting. And besides the solution? What else makes Sunhat special?

Pascal: Definitely the team! The three founders of Sunhat already have relevant founding and start-up experience. This is reflected in the company's very well-structured organization and the founders' professional communication with customers, investors, and employees. Lukas, Alex, and Ali complement each other very well regarding their skills and characters. Despite all their profitable differences, they pursue a common goal: to make a difference with Sunhat and help shape a more sustainable future, which is only possible with the relevant data basis of the companies.

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Pascal Beckers
Investment Principal
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